White paper: Plight of modern security teams

In the past, devices used at a company sat safely guarded within a corporate network. This meant security teams only had to protect the company network to keep everything safe. Now however, users and their devices have left the building and thus the corporate network. How do you protect your data and system now? This is a challenge for many security teams. Read about what you can do in the white paper ‘Plight of modern security teams’.

In this white paper:

  • you learn about the current security threats;
  • you read about why the security measures taken often don’t work;
  • you learn about how protection at the DNS layer provides better security.

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White paper: Pre-crime for IT

Historically, security teams have identified attacks after they have been launched. With predictive IT security, you can stop attacks in their tracks. Read more in the white paper 'Precrime for IT'.



30 minutes to a more secure enterprise

With security at the DNS layer, you can identify malicious domains even before those domains and IPs are used to launch any type of attack. Read more about this in the white paper '30 minutes to a more secure enterprise'.


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