White paper: Pre-crime for IT

Historically, IT has focused on identifying an attack after it is fully launched and then attempting to defend against those specifically identified attacks. With predictive IT security you focus on identifying the attack infrastructure so you can neutralize the attack before it has taken place. Read more about predictive IT security in the white paper ‘Pre-crime for IT’.

In this white paper:

  • you learn what predictive IT security is;
  • you read about how statistical models help organisations enhance their security;
  • you read more about the reasons to switch to predictive IT security now.

Download the white paper



Solution brief: Waste less time fighting ransomware attacks

Many organisations are fighting a constant battle against ransomware attacks. But how do you ensure that you don't have to spend all your time on it? Read more in the solution brief.



30 minutes to a more secure enterprise

With security at the DNS layer, you can identify malicious domains even before those domains and IPs are used to launch any type of attack. Read more about this in the white paper '30 minutes to a more secure enterprise'.


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