Do you know what happens on your network?

Secure My Data

Today’s digital threats won’t knock on your door and wait for an invite to join your party. More often they are hard to identify before they can ruin your well-intended get-together. How can you identify possible threats that can endanger your company’s data? Most companies do not know how to detect and monitor possible threats. Here are three cornerstones you should take into account if you want to be able to identify that unwanted guest.

1. Devices

First of all, when you want to keep your company safe of possible threats, it is important you keep track of all devices people bring to work. Of course flexibility and mobility are super-efficient trends, but remember that if you want to keep your data centre safe and up-to-date it is important to keep a good overview and control.

2. Locate

Be aware to keep an eye on the whereabouts of that unwanted guest. When your security system localises a threat, do make sure that you keep track of it and that you know if and when the threat for instance is affecting any other areas of your network. Just like with your devices it is important to keep a good overview and control on who is currently on your network.

3. Be cautious

The third cornerstone to take into account is to think about where you put your most valuable and important data. You don’t want anyone, invited or not invited, to find your stack of important data, so protect it well. Make sure you can monitor your important data at all times.

Knowing what is happening in your business’ network will help you to keep it as safe as possible. The most important message in all three points is that when you want to create a safe environment and rule out the presence of unwanted guests, you have to make sure you have the best possible insight into the activities on your network.

Unfortunately, managing all of the above can be a real time-intensive job. It would be a shame if you had to spend all your valuable time on it. Because when managing or worrying about possible threats, you can waist a lot of time on keeping that overview, and not get to focus on your important day-to-day activities.

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